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Congratulations to “pandemic year” graduates (June 2020)


Illinois Beach State Park  (History Channel; June 2017)

Illinois Beach State Park illustrates what Chicago looked like before European settlement and how the city’s growth reflects its position as the transfer point between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River.


San Andreas Fault at Crystal Springs Reservoir (December 2016)

San Andreas Fault at crystal springs reservoir, south of San Francisco.


Natural Hazard Uncertainty (Davos Global Risk Forum; October 2016)


San Andreas Fault at Point Reyes (October 2016)

A fence offset by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake at Point Reyes National Monument, California.


San Andreas Fault (October 2016)

The San Andreas fault at Point Reyes National Monument, California.


Lake Superior and the Midcontinent Rift: The Billion Year Story (EarthScope; December 2015)

This short video tells the “story behind the scenery” covering both the geology and geoheritage – how the MCR gave rise to Lake Superior that is the basis of the area’s water-based history and economy, the copper deposits that shaped the region’s settlement and growth, and today’s tourist industry. Video coproduced by: Abigail Foerstner and Seth Stein, Northwestern University; Carol Stein, University of Illinois at Chicago.


SPREE – Seismometers and Science (March 2012)

Drs. Seth Stein and Suzan van der Lee describe how EarthScope seismometers are being used to understand the extent and origin of the North American Midcontinent Rift.


Extreme Geohazards – Communicating Uncertainty (December 2011)

Prof. Seth Stein reflects on management of geohazards that integrates uncertainty. Prof. Stein presented his talk “Bad Assumptions or Bad Luck: Why Natural Hazard Maps Fail and What To Do About It?” at the ESF-COST high-level conference “Understanding extreme geohazards: The Science of the Disaster Risk Management Cycle in Spain November 2011.


Chicago River Class Kayak Trip (December 2011)

Northwestern University video about a class kayak trip on the Chicago River, part of a freshman seminar about Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, lead by Seth Stein.