Educational Material

Educational Resources:

Dealing with the media: Some things I learned from ~30 years experience that I wish I’d known when I started

Boobytrap – a model for midcontinental earthquakes

Introduction to earthquake probabilities with spreadsheet

A simple, cheap, and easy slider block model for earthquakes


Other demonstrations and labs:


Lecture series and activities about New Madrid earthquake science and hazards, 2011 

GSA Today Article: Formation of Northwestern’s Environmental Science Major, 1996

Earth Magazine Article: Understanding Earthquake Hazard Maps (pdf), 2009

EOS Article & WWW info: Upgrading a beginning geophysics course, 1997

EOS Article & WWW info: Preconceptions about earth science among students in an introductory course, 1998

Computers and Geoscience Article & WWW info: Technology in introductory geophysics: the high-low mix, 2000