Jeela Kobra N. Avanaki

I received my B.Sc majoring in Applied Physics and my M.Sc. in Solid State Physics. During my masters studies, I worked on the spontaneous and piezoelectric induced polarization effects of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures. Since then, I was involved in several quantum chemistry theoretical research projects on semiconductors: TiO2, Nanotubes, and Germanium.
My research experience and enthusiasm for quantum chemistry motivated me to continue my education in the field of atomic and molecular optics, specifically studying the light- mater interaction processes with unprecedented time resolution of attosecond.

I joined Professor Shih-I Chu’s group at the University of Kansas in Jan. 2011. My doctorate research was mainly focused on probing complex electron dynamics in multieclecton atoms and one electron molecule ion in presence of ultra short laser pulse. That was a great opportunity to boost up my knowledge about the theoretical methods that we developed for the fully ab-initio and high-precision computational techniques in highly nonlinear AMO multiphoton phenomena particularly in presence of elliptical polarized field.

As a postdoctoral fellow in Professor Schatz group, the primary focus of my research is to study the energy transfer which plays an important role in the photosynthetic network of plants, solar cells, and quantum-dot-based light-emitting diodes. I am trying to develop a new theory method for such processes, especially to describe plasmon-coupled resonance energy transfer (PC-RET) beyond the Förster theory and under conditions where the interaction between donor/acceptor with different shape/size(nanoparticles, quantum wires and quantum wells) takes place in a complex dielectric environment. I am also working on developing new formulation for time-domain electrodynamics description of plasmonic enhancement effects in surface-enhanced femtosecond stimulated Raman scattering (SE-FSRS).

Outside of the lab, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading novels, biking and traveling.