I went to Best Buy to reduce the clutter of remote controls in my living room and simplify my life. Logitech’s Harmony may be the answer. Cheap it isn’t, but then ‘cheap’ and ‘simple’ are hardly synonyms–witness the very simple and very expensive white KPM china of the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin. I paused at the Apple table and looked at a 27 inch 5K iMac, also simple and definitely not cheap. How about a little curation en passant? I normally use this term to describe curing some defect in a digital surrogate as you work on it for another purpose. But I was definitely en passant. So I fired up http://annolex.at.northwestern.edu and looked at Chettle’s Hoffman or Revenge for a Father where Melina Yeh, a Northwestern undergraduate, had previously whittled the number of transcriptional defects from 201 to 50.

On a big screen, AnnoLex will display  the digital page image next to AnnoLex’s data display, which makes it a lot easier to see. And the very high screen resolution also improved the legibility of the rather indifferent digital scans. I’ve noticed this before. I associate Maria Callas above all with her  hair-raising “amami Alfredo” from the technically very poor mid-fifties’ broadcast of the Giulini Traviata from La Scala. It sounds a lot better on an uncompressed .wav file  than on mp3.

In the course of ten minutes or so I  fixed half a dozen unidentified punctuation marks and two missing words. If you zoomed in on the line of text and saw the keyword in context display of

“Father we obey thy 〈◊〉 voyce ; Duke Iohn of Saxony , receiue my

‘holy’ was  the pretty obvious solution. In the other case,

Come chast , faire , We must not now by 〈◊〉 and turnameut Maintayne thy honor : for

the context provided sufficient constraints to  identify the quite illebible letters as “tilt.”

We’re now down to about forty residual defects in Hoffman