The MEL ranked 3rd across the entire Northwestern University for the number of attracted research students

The Mechanics and Energy Laboratory is proud to announce that it ranked third across the entire Northwestern University for the number of undergraduate students attracted for a funded research project to be developed during Summer quarter.

The considered research project, entitled “Performance of geotechnologies for energy harvesting and storage,” was selected by the Office of Undergraduate Research of Northwestern University in the context of the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program. The Undergraduate Research Assistant Program pairs inexperienced students with faculty working in a different field with the aim of enriching their undergraduate educational experience and .

21 applicants over a total of 203 students (applying to a total of 18 projects) with expertise in environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, material science, economy and music applied to the advertised position.

The MEL is thrilled to complete the selection process and start this exciting experience!

The Northwestern MEL is looking for an Undergraduate Research Assistant for Summer Quarter

The Mechanics and Energy Laboratory of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department within theMcCormick School of Engineering, directed by Prof. Alessandro Rotta Loria, is looking to hire an undergraduate student between June 17th and August 23rd to develop a research project as part of the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP). The URAP is designed to help students of all disciplines get started in research and aims at pairing students who are new to research with a faculty mentor. All URAP positions are paid. The project is expected to last 6 weeks of full-time equivalent work.

Additional details on the considered research project can be found here:

In addition to the previous job description, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Website to find eligibility guidelines, application instructions, expectations and tips for preparing your resume and cover letter, a link to the application site, and FAQsApplications for this positions will be accepted until 5/27/19 (you need a resume and cover letter to apply).

Prof. Rotta Loria delivers a 1-day training within the EMI Conference at Caltech

Interested in expanding your knowledge on the theoretical essentials governing the multiphysyical behavior of geomaterials and the practical application of these concepts to the analysis and design of geostructures that can provide renewable energy? You are welcome to join the 1-day training entitled “Multiphysical Analysis and Modeling of Energy Geostructures” that is going to be delivered by Prof. Rotta Loria prior to the Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference at the California Institute of Technology on June 17, 2019.