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JupyterHub Now Available on Quest Analytics

Research Computing Services is pleased to announce the availability of JupyterHub on the Quest Analytics nodes.

Since its introduction, Jupyter Notebook has been a popular and enormously useful tool for computational science. Jupyter offers a browser-based interface for computing that allows code, richly formatted narrative text, and visualizations to coexist in a “live” document that can be edited and and executed interactively. The use of Jupyter across scientific fields has grown alongside its rich ecosystem of language kernels, tools, and plugins.

Jupyter Notebook has been available on Quest for some time, as users could run notebook servers on login nodes or via interactive jobs. However, running on login nodes is only appropriate for quick, lightweight tasks, and the process of submitting an interactive job to launch a notebook server and connecting to it remotely is cumbersome.

The JupyterHub project allows you to simply log in with your web browser, and launch the familiar Jupyter Notebook interface on one of the Quest Analytics nodes. The Quest Analytics service consists of multiple high-memory compute nodes attached to Quest that are meant for interactive use with moderately large data sets. For more information about Quest Analytics, visit the service page or refer to the Knowledge Base.

Try out Jupyter on Quest today: Log in To JupyterHub

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