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The Preservation Department at Northwestern was established in 1984 and is responsible for the preservation and conservation of library collections in all formats, including books, archival materials, audio, film, and digital collectionsTo learn more about preservation at Northwestern, please visit our website.

About This Blog
Preservation Department staff manage a broad range of programs and services designed to improve the useful life of collections. As our library collections become more diverse, encompassing a broader range of  materials, we are finding that our work is increasingly moving beyond the book to address complex issues related to materials analysis and historical research. This work often brings us into direct contact with the scholars and faculty who  use our collections and represents a significant expansion of traditional preservation services. This blog documents how these projects reflect the changing nature of library preservation and the potential for what conservation research can offer in terms of broader collaboration across the academic community and meaningful contributions to the conservation profession.

Contact Information
Scott W. Devine
Marie A. Quinlan Director of Preservation and Conservation
Northwestern University Library
1970 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208
(847) 491-4672

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