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Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca is a composer and music teacher. He has a bachelor in Composition in Conservatorio Superior de Música de Córdoba, after his studies in Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón, with José María Sánchez-Verdú. He also studied electro-acoustic composition with Alberto Bernal at Aula de Músicas Experimentales de Madrid. He has premiered instrumental and electro-acoustic music in several Spanish festivals (CDMC-Reina Sofía, SON-musicadhoy, Fundación Juan March, ENSEMS Valencia, CGAC Santiago de Compostela, etc) as well as international festivals (Mérida Festival in México, Orford Festival in Canada, Foro Internacional de Música Nueva in Mexico DF, Le bruit de la musique in France, Poetas por Km2 in NYC). He has participated as a composer and musician in several stage performances, collaborating with choreographers such as Michelle Mann, Guillermo Weickert, Fernando Lima or María Cabeza de Vaca. Among other audiovisual works, three documentary feature films with José Luis Tirado can be highlighted (among them, the documentary opera Paisaje de Retroprogreso), the original soundtrack for Carmina y Amén, directed by Paco León, as well as his permanent active participation in the audiovisual collective ZEMOS 98. He also directed the stage performance Veo una Voz, with actress Ana Barcia, and the experimental opera Todos Caníbales with Nou Ensemble and artists Christian Fernández Mirón and Roberto Martínez. Currently he’s collaborating with poet María Salgado.

María Salgado
. Madrid (b. 1984) is a poet, performer and researcher. She works with language as the material of texts, audiotexts and performances. She received her Ph.D in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (FPU Fellow) in December 2014, with a dissertation about Spanish experimental and innovative poetry since 1964. She is member of the independent research seminar on language and crisis Seminario Euraca. She has published four books of poetry and has performed in Spain, Germany, Mexico, Peru and the United States. She works with contemporary music composer Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca. Their last show, Hacía un ruido, was presented at the National Theater Valle Inclán (Spain) in June 2015.


Jinete último reino. Primera historia de la desobediencia.
Oboe & electronic device: Lola Díez Marcos (Smash Ensamble). Prèmiere: III Concierto La Lengu’entrebescada, La Nave 73, Madrid, 11/18/2013; III Concierto La Lengu’entrebescada, Jardín Botánico, Valencia, 11/19/2013. Video:

This is the first audiotextual work of our research about the relations between disobedience, repression and queerness. How difficult is to pronounce · for the former docile but now dissident who once wanted to be saints ·  what they would dare to say.