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Download the complete Present Tense Pamphlets [ZIP, 117.6MB]



Individual titles listed alphabetically:

An Arrangement for Objects by Nora Mapp [PDF]

art is a concept art is a process by Jennifer Karmin [PDF]

ascii_trans.rb 68826567857665_Dracula.txt by Chris Alexander [PDF]

Augmented Writing: The Exoplanets Path by Alessandro de Francesco [PDF]

Bathymetry by Emily Barton Altman [PDF]

Before, During, and After Talking Back by Absinthe and Zygote [PDF]

Erase Everything Geoff Hendricks (1964) by Didier Morelli [PDF]

A Few Silences, Question Animals, Exegetical Reading Machine by Aaron Finbloom & Sandeep Bhagwati [PDF]


An Inventory by Udita Upadhyaya [PDF]

Jinete último reino: Primera historia de la desobediencia, 2013 by María Salgado & Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca [PDF]

Measures by Fred Schmalz [PDF]

On Our Way to the Wrong Town by Wilmer Wilson IV [PDF]

Organ~ ( proliferating score / extract:elastica ) by Hans-Henning Korb [PDF]

Pedagogy by Becket Flannery [PDF]

Plastic Shed by Mark Francis Johnson [PDF]

President Trump, For two singers and two looper pedals with microphones by Roksana Filipowska & Maria Murphy [PDF]

Score for an Interspecies Audience Awaiting Trio A by Joshi Radin, Brian M. John, & Linda Tegg [PDF]

Score in Four Lapses by Coral Pereda [PDF]

Score Poems by Allyson Paty [PDF]

Security Theater (Confessions) by Toby Altman [PDF]

See Tony Conrad, “Paul Sharits: Prescription and Collapsed Temporality” (2014); or, How not to keep score by Avi Alpert [PDF]

So We Have Been Given Time      Or (Excerpts) by Sawako Nakayasu [PDF]

Sure To Come Here Once More: A Performance Of 10 Minutes & 39 Seconds For Cepstral®’s Synthetic Voices by Angela Genusa [PDF]

ToDo by Tom Comitta [PDF]

Together (Doing It) by Caroline Bergvall [PDF]

Twenty-Four Exits (A Closet Drama) by Mike Lala [PDF]

Veggie Joy by Allen Conkle & Vanessa Dion Fletcher [PDF]

war, the musical (an excerpt) by Robert Fitterman [PDF]

Weather Conversation Tree by Timothy Leonido and Jordan Topiel Paul [PDF]

What Remains of Personal Discussant by Ira S. Murfin [PDF]