All meetings are scheduled for Wednesdays at 4pm.

Schedule for 2019-2020:

TUESDAY September 24th  Jim Magnuson (University of Connecticut) Note exceptional Tuesday date, still at 4pm.

Schedule for 2018-2019:

May 1st Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron (LING) “Phonological variability at word boundaries: the effect of speech production planning”.

April 17th Olga Dmitrieva (Purdue University): “Phonetic first language attrition – where next?”

March 13th Jacob Phillips (University of Chicago): “Asymmetrical sound change actuation and propagation: Production and perception of /s/-retraction in American English”

March 6th Yossi Keshet: “Hide and Speak: Deep Neural Networks for Speech Steganography”

Feb. 20th Elizabeth Pillion (University of Chicago): “Clicks in American English: Understudied Aspects of Sound Systems”

Jan. 23rd Annette D’Onofrio & Jaime Benheim: “Contextualizing Reversal: Sociohistorical Dynamics and the Northern Cities Shift in a Chicago Neighborhood”

Jan. 9th Ryan Cotterell (University of Cambridge): “Probabilistic Typology: Deep Generative Models of Vowel Inventories”

Dec. 12th. Jennifer Cole: “Conventionalization in the prosodic encoding of information structure: An information-theoretic approach.”

Nov. 7th. Thomas Denby: “Specificity of Listener Knowledge of Phonotactic Adaptation”

Oct. 24th. Annette D’Onofrio & Amelia Stecker: “The social meaning of stylistic variability: Sociophonetic (in)variance in presidential candidates’ campaign rallies”

Oct. 10th. Matt Goldrick: “Reading aloud is (surprisingly) hard to do: Evidence from bilinguals and older adults.”

Sept. 26th. Kick-off meeting

Past meetings of 2017-2018:
May 16. Dave Ogden: “Perceptual adaptation and attitude improvement: Evidence from pupillometry, transcription accuracy, and self-report.”

Apr. 11th. Joint Phonatics-CLI Meeting with Jen Alexander, Erin Leddon, and Julia Moore

Feb. 28th. Sayuri Hayakawa: “Morality & Mental Imagery in a Foreign Language”

Feb. 21st. Jennifer Cole: “Quantifying phonetic variation in imitated speech: An argument for acoustic landmark analysis”

Feb. 7th. Allison Hilger: “Manipulating prosody: speech-acoustic responses to vocal feedback perturbations prior to phrasal prominence”

Jan. 31st. Timo Roettger: “The tune drives the text – the role of intonation in linguistic change”

Dec. 13th. LSA practice talks – Annette D’Onofrio and Eleanor Chodroff

Nov. 15th. Suyeon Im

Nov. 8th. FAVE forced alignment tutorial led by Emily Cibelli and Eleanor Chodroff

Nov. 1st. Teresa Pratt: “Embodying toughness: LOT-raising, /l/-velarization, and retracted articulatory setting”

Oct. 25th. Ann Bradlow: “High variability speech training in and out of the lab”

Oct. 4th. ELAN transcription led by Annette D’Onofrio

Sept. 27th. Kick-off meeting