Online talk May 20: Melissa Baese-Berk (University of Oregon)

Our meetings this quarter will be held on Zoom. Please sign up for the listserv to receive the Zoom link (instructions in sidebar).

Perception of and adaptation to non-native and unfamiliar speech

Listening to unfamiliar speech, including non-native speech, often results in substantial challenges for listeners. The consequences of these challenges are far-reaching (i.e., costs for comprehension, memory and other down-stream processing), and increased costs for listening to unfamiliar speech exist even when the speech is fully intelligible (e.g., McLaughlin & Van Engen, 2020). I will present a series of studies aimed at investigating what makes perception of non-native speech especially challenging and what factors impact adaptation to this speech. I will show some new data that suggests that social factors, in addition to linguistic properties, can impact adaptation to unfamiliar speech.

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