Talk – Yossi Keshet (Bar Ilan University)

Next meeting (3/6), Yossi Keshet will be talking about “Hide and Speak: Deep Neural Networks for Speech Steganography”. Our meeting will take place at the regular time and place on Wednesday from 4-5pm in Cresap 101.

Abstract: “Steganography (“steganos” – concealed or covered plus “graphein” – writing) is the science of concealing messages inside other messages. It is generally used to convey concealed “secret” messages to recipients who are aware of its presence while keeping even their existence hidden from other unaware parties who only see the “public” or “carrier” message.

In the talk I will propose the use of deep neural networks as learnable steganographic functions, that learn to exploit redundancies in audio data to conceal messages optimally. I will demonstrate quantitatively that the proposed method can both effectively hide secret messages into a carrier and recover them from the carrier. Qualitative experiments suggest that modifications to the carrier are unnoticeable by human listeners and that the decoded messages are highly intelligible as well.”

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