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Thank you for your interest in the PACE research study. PACE is a 14 session behavioral weight loss research study taking place in the Department of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University. The purpose of this study is to determine if a weight loss program designed specifically for knee replacement patients can help patients lose or maintain weight. Patients who are interested in volunteering for this free weight loss research study will be randomly assigned to either start the PACE program up to 6 weeks before your surgery or 12 weeks after your surgery. This means that you cannot choose when you start the program, but instead it will be determined by a method similar to flipping a coin. All participants will have regular contact with a lifestyle coach and receive personalized diet and activity goals. There is no medications involved. In order to be eligible to participate in the PACE study, you must be between the ages of 40 and 79, have body mass index between 25 to 45 kg/m2, and have a knee replacement scheduled within the next 3 months.

In addition to the PACE program, we’ll complete 3 in-person assessments. The first one will be done up to 6 weeks before your surgery. The 2nd one will be 12 weeks after your surgery and the last one will be 26 weeks after your surgery. Participants will also receive $20 for completing each assessment at 12 and 26 weeks after the surgery. We can also provide parking vouches if you drive.

If you would like to learn more about this reasearch study, please call or email Dr. Christine Pellegrini at 312-503-1395, or

This study is funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality K12HS023011


 EMA PACE – Influence of Momentary Mood and Pain on Post-operative Physical Activity Levels Following Knee Replacement

Many patients undergo knee replacement however it is unclear how pain and mood influence physical activity and rehabilitation after surgery. Thus, the purpose of this study being conducted at Northwestern University is to learn more about how the level of pain and mood among patients having their knee replaced is related to levels of physical activity after surgery.

If you would like to learn more about this research study, please email or call Dr. Christine Pellegrini at 312-503-1395.

Additional Study Information:
IRB #: STU00201543
Principal Investigator: Christine Pellegrini, PhD
Website: Pellegrini Laboratory

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Department of Preventive Medicine
680 N. Lake Shore Drive St. 1400 Chicago, IL 60611

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