Block Museum of Art

Thursday, May 18th

3:30pm // Welcome & Introduction

James J. Hodge (NU) and Danny Snelson (NU)

4pm // Performance:

Jennifer Scappettone (Chicago), Judd Morrissey (SAIC)
& Abraham Avnisan (SAIC):

“LAMENT (The mine has been opened up well)”

5pm // Keynote Lecture:

Shaka McGlotten (SUNY Purchase)

“Porn Fast”

7pm // Ordinary Chicago Screening:

Short works at the Block by:

Nick Briz
Eric Fleischauer & Jason Lazarus
Erin Hayden
Shawné Michaelain Holloway
Kevin B. Lee
Jodie Mack
Pox Party
Jon Satrom

Kaplan Institute, Kresge Hall Room 2350

Friday, May 19th

9:30am // Welcome & Introduction

James J. Hodge (NU) and Danny Snelson (NU)

10am // Ordinary Unmaking:

Moderated by Mashinka Firunts (Penn)

Jamal Russell (UCSB), “From Deformation to Ambience: Tan Lin’s Interface Effects and the Procedurality of Digtal Signage”

Daniel Creahan (Art Observed), “Caleb Larsen: A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter”

Sarah Sweeney (Skidmore), “Forgetting Machine or Reimagining Erica”

1pm // Ordinary Bodies:

Moderated by Susanna L. Sacks (NU)

Paul Benzon (Skidmore), “Weather Permitting: Shelley Jackson’s ‘Snow’ and the Deep Time of Instagram”

Kris Cohen (Reed), “Raster Politics: Charles Gaines”

Christine Goding (NU), “Pale and Pretty: The Aesthetics and Anxieties of Whiteness on Tumblr”

3pm // Ordinary Politics:

Moderated by Tiziana Terranova (University of Naples L’Orientale / NU)

Patrick Jagoda (Chicago), “Videogames and Affective Politics”

Jake Reber (Buffalo), “‘The Price is the Point’: Notes on Paparutzy’s Aesthetic Value-Forms”

Channel TWo: Jessica Westbrook & Adam Trowbridge (DePaul), “Topology of Trespassing; seeing is believing; designing a way out…”

5pm // Keynote Lecture:

Rita Raley (UCSB)

“The Asemic in the Moment of Ordinary Media”

6pm // Reception