For the 2015-16 academic year and future years, PARC will be located in the newly-redone North Mid Quads (NMQ) dorm.  We are very excited to live in a completely refurbished building this year and in the years to come! For anyone interested in living in PARC, the new floor plans can be found below.

NMQ Floor Plans (floors 2-4)


PARC is a four story building, which houses 100 residents in 28 double rooms and 44 single rooms. PARC employs an open-style suite layout, with two double sized rooms and three single sized rooms in most suites, sharing a bathroom. The suites are organized as shown below:

In addition to its luxurious rooms, PARC has a number of other exciting facilities that help its residents succeed in the classroom and have fun at home. From the most recent and powerful generation of gaming systems (PARC has a Playstation 4 AND an Xbox One) to high-definition LCD televisions, six laundry devices, a conference/seminar room, fully-equipped kitchens, and multiple computers and printers, PARC has all of the standard amenities and more. See pictures of all of our facilities below:

[tab name=”Computer Lab”]

PARC is equipped with both a Mac and PC for residents’ use. In addition, we provide free scanning and printing for our residents – just bring your own paper! The computer lab is located in the basement, next to the piano practice room.[/tab]

[tab name=”Kitchens”]

Every floor of PARC has a kitchen with a microwave, oven, stove, sink, fridge, and freezer. Residents can store food and cooking equipment in the kitchens, and some basic equipment – such as pots, pans, cookie racks, large spoons, spatulas, and more – is provided. Residents often use these kitchens for baking cookies or other sweets, or heating up a leftover meal from Norris or downtown Evanston.[/tab]

[tab name=”Piano Room”]

Located next to the computer lab, the piano room is soundproofed so that students can practice to their heart’s content. This room is often used by music students for theory or aural skills homework.[/tab]

[tab name=”Lounges”]

Each suite contains a lounge with a table, chairs, couches, windows, and lighting. These suites are the primary gathering spot for suite-mates on weekday evenings, and it is not uncommon for an entire suite to be in its lounge doing unrelated homework together. Residents can decorate their suite as they wish, and each Halloween PARC has a suite decorating contest! [/tab]

[tab name=”Laundry Room”]

PARC’s laundry room contains three washers and three dryers. The machines are free to use; washers run for about 45 minutes, while dryers run for about an hour. Residents can see whether machines are available online at LaundryView.[/tab]

[tab name=”Basement”]

PARC’s basement also features a lounge with gaming equipment, a pool/ping-pong table, surround sound system, two big-screen televisions, and various furniture. Used for everything from movie nights to sporting events to gaming tournaments, the basement – along with the TV lounge upstairs – is the place to be in PARC. It also hosts our weekly C&C conversations (see Academic Info).[/tab]

[tab name=”Seminar Room”]

The Thompson Seminar Room – named after the first Faculty Chair of PARC – is the host of the weekly Munchies (see Social Info), as well as the primary location for group/project meetings between residents. Study groups can make excellent use of the ample table space, office equipment, high-definition TV and white board located here. The Seminar Room is located on the ground floor of PARC, next to the entrance and the TV Lounge.[/tab]

[tab name=”TV Lounge”]

The other “place to be” in PARC, the TV Lounge hosts many of the same events as the Basement Lounge. It is located on the ground floor next to the entrance and the conference room, and typically is the setting for Firesides (see Academic Info) and other similar events in PARC.[/tab]


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