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al hunter

A little info about our Faculty Chair Al Hunter:

I have been a part of PARC before it was even PARC. I was asked by a provost to chair the faculty and student committee that met for a year to bring PARC into being. Prior to that I had served as “Master” of CCS residential college where among other things I instituted the “Master’s Mile” race a tradition that continues among the residential colleges. I have also previously served as chair of PARC. I view my role as chair as being a facilitator to a student led set of interests and activities and encouraging a “public affairs” theme true to its founding mission. I also encourage participation of by and with faculty fellows and students.

I am married to Renee Weber Hunter (PhD in Psych from NU) now a VP of Research & Strategy of an international marketing firm. I have five kids, Allyson, Andrew, Christian all grown,  Adam a Junior at U of Colorado Boulder, and Juliana a 13 yr old 8th grader, and “Benny” the family mut. Renee & Juliana will sometimes be present at an occasional dinner and other PARC activities during the year.



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