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About the Cover Artist-September 2017

Cover artist’s statement

September 2017 NPHR Magazine Cover Art

I have an old dad. He was forty-six when I was born, and he’s always been older than the fathers of my peers. In his seventies now, he is navigating the complexities of the medical system, health, and aging. I illustrated this piece with him in mind. When I think about aging, I immediately picture a grandmother sitting in a rocking chair, crocheting. This cliché became the basis for an illustration about positive steps people can take fo their health as they age. Meaningful hobbies can make a big difference in quality of life. Additionally, I wanted to depict heart health as something people can work on regardless of how old they are, just as they would work on a project they’re passionate about. The illustration serves as a reminder that everyone has the power to make positive changes to their health. The muted colors and saturation were used to elicit a feeling of comfort in the viewer and a soft yellow light radiates from the bottom right corner to give the image a hopeful mood. You’re welcome, Dad.

Liza Knipscher

Liza Knipscher

About the Artist

Liza Knipscher started her undergraduate education as a Drawing and Painting major at Purchase College in New York, but switched to studying Psychology and Biology with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience. After graduating, she realized she wanted a career that incorporated all of her interests, and now she attends the University of Illinois at Chicago as a Biomedical Visualization graduate student. As a medical illustrator, Liza is predominantly interested in building interactive applications and games for medical education. She enjoys reading, playing videogames, and singing in a bluegrass band.