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Program in Public Health

Northwestern Public Health Review

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Founded in 2013, the Northwestern Public Health Review endeavors to stimulate the exchange and cross-pollination of public health ideas, resources and opportunities across the Northwestern community and beyond. Through multiple channels, the student-run NPHR offers opportunities for learning and reporting on public health issues.



The NPHR Blog is an extension of the magazine, serves as our platform for discussing the latest happenings and trends in the world of Public Health. Through the blog, NPHR-affiliated MPH students compile weekly news from the field as well as post original articles.

Our Logo

In 1854, John Snow persuaded one of London’s local councils to disable the Broad Street pump. By proving that London’s cholera epidemic was being spread through the water supply and then cutting off that source, Mr. Snow became one of the founders of public health. He changed the way we study and think about health and its all-encompassing grasp on a population. Today, we seek to protect public health through research, environmental programs, policy development, and system regulation. This journal encompasses the continuing research of a group of individuals inspired by Mr. Snow and his work to improve the health of many.

By Ashley Ceniceros, designer NPHR logo