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Tag: transportation

‘Romance on the Lake!’: The Inland Water Pamphlets Collection

Passengers traveling to vacation destinations around the Midwest, as well as those seeking fresh air, relaxation, and entertainment on board, departed on pleasure cruises...
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Bicycle Catalogs of the 1890s

A new technology gained widespread popularity toward the end of the 19th century, opening up new options for mobility in urban centers and small...
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John A. Swider Timetable Collection

The Transportation Library is thrilled to make the John A. Swider Timetable Collection available to researchers. The collection comprises 919 timetables from bus and...
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Electric Vehicles of the Early 20th Century

In the Transportation Library,  we have the opportunity to assist the faculty and students of  Northwestern University’s Transportation Center with cutting-edge interdisciplinary transportation research, while at...
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Crossing the Desert in an Armchair

    The Nairn Transport Company operated a tourist bus route between Damascus and Baghdad between the 1920s and the 1950s. The company was...
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Braniff and the End of the Plain Plane

Among the more than 500,000 items in our Transportation Library, we hold a number of timetables, annual reports and other ephemera from U.S. carrier Braniff...
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