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Category: The Digital Age

Love Data Week: A celebration of ambitious research

In February, librarians urged students and faculty to “Show Data Some Love” during the fourth annual Love Data Week, an international effort to promote...
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New digital humanities tool simplifies analysis of large text blocks

A new tool available through the Libraries makes it easier than ever for scholars to try their hands at digital humanities analysis. Often, large...
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New grant query: Can libraries use student data AND respect privacy?

By Michael Perry, Data Assessment Librarian Does anyone really care about their privacy? It’s just one provocative question some of my university library colleagues...
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Library publishes student, faculty work from Computational Research Day

How would you simulate the formation of a galaxy? What can historical voting patterns show us about polarization in the U.S. Congress? These are...
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Digital citizenship is the University’s business; University Libraries can help

By Sarah Pritchard, Dean of Libraries We now live in a global society that is increasingly dominated by digital technology. Institutions of higher education...
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