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Category: Preservation

University Libraries Preservation and Conservation

Mandolins, composers, and hair, oh my! (When 9 different research topics become 1 cohesive exhibit)

By Carlynne Robinson, Registrar and Collections Coordinator How do you manage an exhibition with 10 different curators? You make a lot lists, schedule a...
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Stabilizing history: How and why we rebound a 15th-Century manuscript

Last year, this 15th-century book of hours came down to the Northwestern Libraries conservation lab for rebinding. The manuscript had previously been rebound at...
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On a Roll: Creating a Futomaki-style Preservation Housing for a Large Map

Many paper items in library collections are simply too large to be stored flat. If an item is larger than any available flat filing...
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A Spark of Curiosity: Finding an anti-strike coating for match heads

By Roger Williams, Conservation Fellow We recently treated a scrapbook once belonging to Ardis Nadine Kuhnen, an Evanston resident and Northwestern alumna (B.S. ’51)....
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Behind the Scenes Conservation: Gellan Gum Workshop

By Susan Russick, Special Collections Conservator Water in.  Water out.  Half of what we do in conservation is adding and removing water.  We use...
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Obama Foods: Yes We Can (Save Those Wrappers)

Back in 2015, the Preservation Department at the Libraries curated an exhibit called “Beyond the Book: The Changing Nature of Library Collections,” which highlighted...
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Helping smaller institutions preserve their own collections

A large academic institution like Northwestern University Libraries has ample staff and resources for the upkeep of its materials. But many smaller cultural institutions might...
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Moving ‘Matrix’: A big project to protect a bigger painting

By Susan Russick, Special Collections Conservator Over the summer, University Library is undergoing a significant renovation of its entrance hallway. For visitors, this means...
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Seeing in “4D”: Bucky Fuller’s manifesto & conservation decision-making

Conservators do their best to inflict as little change as possible on the items they treat. Sometimes this rule is straightforward; at other times,...
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