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The Aggregate: China Statistical Yearbook

Anne Zald serves as Northwestern’s Social Science Data Librarian (and also our Government Information Librarian). She supports faculty and students in their social science research and teaching. Today Anne has selected one resource to share.

China Statistical Yearbook is a comprehensive database focused on China’s social and economic development. The vast collection covers both national and local trends and includes 8523 volumes of yearbooks.

Dates of coverage vary by topic, but some extend from 1949 to the present. The National Bureau of Statistics of China also releases monthly and quarterly data that are available for download to Excel.  Data from provincial and municipal bureaus of statistics are also available.

Topics addressed in the database include: national accounts, fixed assets investment, population and human resources, livelihood and prices, finance, environment, politics law and administration, industry, construction and housing, transportation, telecommunications, domestic and international trade, tourism, education, science and technology, culture and sport, medicine and health care.

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