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14 Journals from Portfolio Management Research

Formerly available through various sources, Northwestern University Libraries now has access to the following journals at the publisher’s website. Portfolio Management Research is the leading provider of independent financial research for all within the investment sector. Providing reputable research to the investment management community since 1974, with the first issue of The Journal of Portfolio


ART Margins ARTMargins publishes scholarly articles and essays about contemporary art, media, architecture, and critical theory.   ARTMargins studies art practices and visual culture in the emerging global margins, from North Africa and the Middle East to the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and Australasia. The journal acts as a forum for scholars, theoreticians, and

Dermatological Reviews

Dermatological Reviews Dermatological Reviews is a new and exciting journal for clinicians and researchers interested in learning the latest information on specific topics of interest in dermatology, dermatologic surgery, and aesthetic medicine. – Publisher

Theory & Research in Social Education

Theory and Research in Social Education Theory & Research in Social Education is designed to stimulate and communicate system­atic research and thinking in social education. Its purpose is to foster the creation and exchange of ideas and research findings that will expand knowledge and understanding of the purposes, conditions, and effects of schooling and education

Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive additional content

Northwestern University Libraries now has additional content to the Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive.   The additional content brings our coverage from 1902 to 2019. The Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive contains every page of every copy of the TLS published. This easy-to-navigate, fully-searchable resource is a witness to the cultural revolutions of the last 100

Asian Journal of Law and Society

Asian Journal of Law and Society The Asian Journal of Law and Society (AJLS) adds an increasingly important Asian perspective to global law and society scholarship. This independent, peer-reviewed publication encourages empirical and multi-disciplinary research and welcomes articles on law and its relationship with society in Asia, articles bringing an Asian perspective to socio-legal issues

2 Cell Press E-Journals – Joule and Matter

Northwestern University Libraries now has access to 2 Cell Press e-journals – Joule and Matter. Joule Joule, a sister journal to Cell, is a home for outstanding and insightful research, analysis and ideas addressing a key global challenge: the need for more sustainable energy.   Joule spans scales of energy research, from fundamental laboratory research into

African Journal of Applied Statistics

African Journal of Applied Statistics The African Journal of Applied Statistics (AJAS) publishes original articles on applied sciences, preferably using African data. AJAS supports African development in terms of production, analysis, and utilization of its data. – Publisher

American Indian Newspapers

American Indian Newspapers American Indian Newspapers presents the publications of a range of communities, with an extensive list of periodicals produced in the United States and Canada, including Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Nevada and Oklahoma, from 1828 to 2016. Representing a huge variety in style, production and audience, the newspapers include national periodicals as

Conflict, Security & Development

Conflict, Security & Development Conflict, Security and Development bridges traditional development and security studies through its focus on cross-cutting policy agendas, and also establishes connections with related disciplines, including anthropology, political economy and regional studies. The journal fills this analytical gap with fresh, objective and intellectually provocative research and also offers a forum for the

Black Lives Matter Portal

Black Lives Matter Portal at SpringerNature We have created a portal offering research insights about issues such as the history and social science of racism and police violence. The freely available content can be accessed through our Black Lives Matter portal. Within this collection you can explore eBooks, journal articles and research blogs on Social

4 Historical Chinese Newspapers

新闻报 / Sin Wan Pao / Xin wen bao   Content from 1893-1949. Shanghai was a publishing center in modern China. Many newspapers published here played an important role in the modern Chinese newspaper industry, and Sin Wan Pao was an indispensable one among them. Founded in 1893 on Shanghai’s famous “newspaper street” – Wang Ping