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Tim Hagan

South Asia Open Archives (SAOA)

South Asia Open Archives (SAOA) A collection of open access materials, for the study of South Asia via the Center for Research Libraries Global Resources Network in partnership with JSTOR. Over 350,000 pages of historical and contemporary content in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, in English and a variety of South Asian languages. The

Prosecuting the Holocaust: British Investigations into Nazi Crimes, 1944-1949

Prosecuting the Holocaust: British Investigations into Nazi Crimes, 1944-1949 Drawn from The National Archives (UK) and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, this collection contains a wealth of information regarding the British government’s efforts to investigate and prosecute Nazi crimes during the period 1944-1949. The evidence gathered sheds light on almost every aspect of the Holocaust,

Qwest TV

Qwest TV Qwest TV is a subscription video streaming channel dedicated to jazz, soul, funk, and world music. The catalog features over 500 concerts, award-wining documentaries, rare archival footage and exclusive content. Each video is accompanied by notes written by a journalists and music experts. There are also exclusive playlists personally curated by legends such

Presidential Recordings Digital

Presidential Recordings Digital A rich and engaging resource featuring annotated transcripts of the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon White House tapes. The online portal for annotated transcripts of the White House tapes published by the Presidential Recordings Program (PRP). Created by a team of scholars and researchers at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, these transcripts

Ethnomusicology: Global Field Recordings

Ethnomusicology: Global Field Recordings Produced in collaboration with the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive Ethnomusicology: Global Field Recordings is comprised of over 60 field collections from ethnomusicologists dating from the mid-twentieth century to the early twenty-first century. This resource also features material from the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archive relating to prominent ethnomusicologist Robert Garfias. The audio

Romanticism: Life, Literature, and Landscape

Romanticism: Life, Literature, and Landscape This digital collection, which includes the manuscript collections of the Wordsworth Trust, offers students and researchers of the Romantic period unique access to the working notebooks, verse manuscripts and correspondence of William Wordsworth and his fellow writers, including Dorothy Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey and Robert Southey. Also

14 Journals from Portfolio Management Research

Formerly available through various sources, Northwestern University Libraries now has access to the following journals at the publisher’s website. Portfolio Management Research is the leading provider of independent financial research for all within the investment sector. Providing reputable research to the investment management community since 1974, with the first issue of The Journal of Portfolio

Executive Branch Documents 1946-1952

Northwestern University Libraries now has access to part 5 (1946-1948) and part 6 (1949-1952) of ProQuest Executive Branch Documents. Executive Branch Documents 5 (1946-1948) represent actions of the Truman Administration in the aftermath of WWII which included the postwar adjustment of former members of the armed forces and interned Japanese Americans, the Marshall Plan (European

The President’s Daily Brief: Nixon, Ford, and the CIA, 1969-1977

The President’s Daily Brief: Nixon, Ford, and the CIA, 1969-1977 Prepared by the CIA and delivered to the president each day, these documents were used to brief Presidents Nixon and Ford on world events and global threats, including détente, Ostpolitik, and the thawing of East-West relations; Middle Eastern conflicts, such as the Yom Kippur War,

45 Oxford Scholarship Online E-books

Northwestern University Libraries now has access to the following Oxford Scholarship Online e-books.  Access through the Library’s catalog NUsearch.   Purchased through the BTAA E-book Pilot Program. Reading Roman declamation: Seneca the Elder / Martin T. Dinter, Charles Guérin, and Marcos Martinho dos Santos. Hesiod’s verbal craft: studies in Hesiod’s conception of language and its ancient reception


ART Margins ARTMargins publishes scholarly articles and essays about contemporary art, media, architecture, and critical theory.   ARTMargins studies art practices and visual culture in the emerging global margins, from North Africa and the Middle East to the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and Australasia. The journal acts as a forum for scholars, theoreticians, and

New Elsevier Publishing E-Book Series

Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly Advances in Chemical Pollution, Environmental Management and Protection Advances in Motivation Science Advances in Neurotoxicology Advances in Stem Cells and their Niches Advances in Transport Policy and Planning Developments in Neuroethics and Bioethics International Review of Research in Developmental Disabilities Methods in Chemical Process Safety