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Black Lives Matter Portal

Black Lives Matter Portal at SpringerNature

We have created a portal offering research insights about issues such as the history and social science of racism and police violence. The freely available content can be accessed through our Black Lives Matter portal. Within this collection you can explore eBooks, journal articles and research blogs on Social Inequality & Systemic Racism as well as content on Policing Race & Civil Unrest. We have also created podcast stories of black women in research telling their stories. – Publisher

E-books included:

Handbook of Mental Health in African American Youth / edited by Alfiee M. Breland-Noble, Cheryl S. Al-Mateen, Nirbhay N. Singh.

Black men, intergenerational colonialism, and behavioral health: a noose across nations / Donald E. Grant Jr.

Patient-centered clinical care for African Americans: a concise, evidence-based guide to important differences and better outcomes / Gregory L. Hall.

The Black Campus Movement: Black Students and the Racial Reconstitution of Higher Education, 1965–1972 / by I. Rogers.

Understanding Racism in a Post-Racial World: Visible Invisibilities / by Sunshine Kamaloni.

Relating Worlds of Racism: Dehumanisation, Belonging, and the Normativity of European Whiteness / edited by Philomena Essed, Karen Farquharson, Kathryn Pillay, Elisa Joy White.

Race, Religion, and Resilience in the Neoliberal Age / by Cedric C. Johnson.

Race, Justice and American Intellectual Traditions / by Stuart Rosenbaum.

Race in the Marketplace: Crossing Critical Boundaries / edited by Guillaume D. Johnson, Kevin D. Thomas, Anthony Kwame Harrison, Sonya A. Grier.

Race and the Black Male Subculture: The Lives of Toby Waller / by William T. Hoston.

Philosophy of Race: An Introduction / by Naomi Zack.

Philosophy of African American Studies: Nothing Left of Blackness / by Stephen Ferguson.

Mixed Race Britain in The Twentieth Century / by Chamion Caballero, Peter J. Aspinall.

Microaggressions and Modern Racism: Endurance and Evolution / by Charisse C. Levchak.

Institutional Racism in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology: Race Matters in Mental Health / by Suman Fernando.

Hate Crime Statutes: A Public Policy and Law Enforcement Dilemma / by Frank S. Pezzella.

Cyber Racism and Community Resilience: Strategies for Combating Online Race Hate / by Andrew Jakubowicz, Kevin Dunn, Gail Mason, Yin Paradies, Ana-Maria Bliuc, Nasya Bahfen, Andre Oboler, Rosalie Atie, Karen Connelly.

Reframing Blackness and Black Solidarities through Anti-colonial and Decolonial Prisms / by George J. Sefa Dei.

Dismantling Race in Higher Education: Racism, Whiteness and Decolonising the Academy / edited by Jason Arday, Heidi Safia Mirza.

The Governmentality of Black Beauty Shame: Discourse, Iconicity and Resistance / by Shirley Anne Tate.

Urban Black Women and the Politics of Resistance / by Z. Isoke.

Black Genders and Sexualities / edited by S. McGlotten, D. Davis.

Black Women’s Liberatory Pedagogies: Resistance, Transformation, and Healing Within and Beyond the Academy / edited by Olivia N. Perlow, Durene I. Wheeler, Sharon L. Bethea, BarBara M. Scott.

Race and Representative Bureaucracy in American Policing / by Brandy A. Kennedy, Adam M. Butz, Nazita Lajevardi, Matthew J. Nanes.

Perpetual Suspects: A Critical Race Theory of Black and Mixed-Race Experiences of Policing / by Lisa J. Long.

The Ethics of Policing and Imprisonment / edited by Molly Gardner, Michael Weber.

Deaths after police contact: constructing accountability in the 21st century / David Baker.

Black Masculinity and the Cinema of Policing / by Jared Sexton.

Societal Implications of Community-Oriented Policing and Technology / edited by Georgios Leventakis, M. R. Haberfeld.

The myth and propaganda of black buying power / Jared A. Ball.

Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Trump / by Duchess Harris.

Black Scholarly Activism between the Academy and Grassroots: A Bridge for Identities and Social Justice / by Ornette D. Clennon.

A Psychology of Liberation and Peace: For the Greater Good / by Chalmer E. F. Thompson.