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47 Oxford Scholarship Online Ebooks

47 Oxford Scholarship Online Ebooks

Northwestern University Libraries now has access to the following Oxford Scholarship Online e-books.  Access through the Library’s catalog NUsearch.   Purchased through the BTAA Ebook Pilot Program.

The business of scholarly publishing: managing in turbulent times / Albert N. Greco.

Class and conflict: revisiting Pranab Bardhan’s political economy of India / Elizabeth Chatterjee and Matthew McCartney.

Micro, small, and medium enterprises in Vietnam / John Rand and Finn Tarp.

The property species: mine, yours, and the human mind / Bart J. Wilson.

Monetary and fiscal policy through a DSGE lens / Harold L. Cole.

Dhaka’s changing landscape: prospects for economic development, social change, and shared prosperity / Rita Afsar and Mahbub Hossain.

Space: a history / edited by Andrew Janiak.

Making sense of affirmative action / Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen.

Imagining and knowing: the shape of fiction / Gregory Currie.

Games: agency as art / C. Thi Nguyen.

Time travel: probability and impossibility / Nikk Effingham.

The structure of truth / Donald Davidson, Cameron Kirk-Giannini, and Ernie Lepore.

Articulating a thought / Eli Alshanetsky.

Pascal: reasoning and belief / Michael Moriarty.

Ancient relativity: Plato, Aristotle, Stoics, and Sceptics / Matthew Duncombe.

There are no such things as theories / Steven French.

The morality of defensive force / Jonathan Quong.

Being rational and being right / Juan Comesaña.

Self-knowledge in ancient philosophy: the Eighth Keeling Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy / edited by Fiona Leigh.

Seeing, knowing, and doing: a perceptualist account / Robert Audi.

Contours of dignity / Suzy Killmister.

Out of time: the queer politics of postcoloniality / Rahul Rao.

Global norms and local action: the campaigns to end violence against women in Africa / Peace A. Medie.

Monsters to destroy: understanding the war on terror / Navin A. Bapat.

Candidate matters: a study of ethnic parties, campaigns, and elections in Latin America / Karleen Jones West.

Short circuiting policy: interest groups and the battle over clean energy and climate policy in the American states / Leah Cardamore Stokes.

Reconsidering American power: Pax Americana and the social sciences / John D. Kelly, Kurt Jacobsen, and Marston H. Morgan.

The virtues of violence: democracy against disintegration in modern France / Kevin Duong.

Citizens and the state in authoritarian regimes: comparing China and Russia / Valerie Bunce, Karrie Koesel, and Jessica Weiss.

Delta democracy: pathways to incremental civic revolution in Egypt and beyond / Catherine E. Herrold.

Ever looser union?: differentiated European integration / Frank Schimmelfennig and Thomas Winzen.

Digital journalism, drones, and automation: the language and abstractions behind the news / Cate Dowd.

Orders of exclusion: great powers and the strategic sources of foundational rules in international relations / Kyle M. Lascurettes.

The governor’s dilemma: indirect governance beyond principals and agents / Kenneth W. Abbott, Bernhard Zangl, Duncan Snidal, Philipp Genschel.

Diversity, violence, and recognition / Elisabeth King and Cyrus Samii.

Criminalizing atrocity: the global spread of criminal laws against international crimes / Mark S. Berlin.

Radical republicanism: recovering the tradition’s popular heritage / edited by Bruno Leipold, Karma Nabulsi, and Stuart White.

Music and dementia: from cognition to therapy / Amee Baird, Sandra Garrido and Jeanette Tamplin.

Cultural psychology: exploring culture and mind in diverse communities / Robyn M. Holmes.

Disenchantment with democracy: a psychological perspective / Janusz Reykowski.

Head strong: how psychology is revolutionizing war / Michael D. Matthews.

The Gospel as manuscript: an early history of the Jesus tradition as material artifact / Chris Keith.

Initiating the millennium: the Avignon Society and illuminism in Europe / Robert Collis and Natalie Bayer.

Loving stones: making the impossible possible in the worship of Mount Govardhan / David L. Haberman.

Back-pocket God: religion and spirituality in the lives of emerging adults / Melinda Lundquist Denton, Richard Flory and Christian Smith.

Maoism and grassroots religion: the Communist revolution and the reinvention of religious life in China / Xiaoxuan Wang.

The earliest commentary on the prophecy of Habakkuk / Timothy H. Lam.