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12 New University of Michigan Press E-Books

Northwestern University Libraries now has access to the following e-books from the University of Michigan Press.

Access through the Library’s catalog NUsearch or by searching the University of Michigan Press.

Dividing the Rulers: How Majority Cycling Saves Democracy

The Jurisprudence of Emergency: Colonialism and the Rule of Law

On Parliamentary War

Coeds Ruining the Nation: Women, Education, and Social Change in Postwar Japanese Media

Cueva Blanca: Social Change in the Archaic of the Valley of Oaxaca

Democracy and Imperialism: Irving Babbitt and Warlike Democracies

Formal Modeling in Social Science

HandiLand: the Crippest Place on Earth

The Postcolonial Animal: African Literature and Posthuman Ethics

Resisting Spirits: Drama Reform and Cultural Transformation in the People’s Republic of China

The Shape of Populism: Serbia before the Dissolution of Yugoslavia

Vitality Politics: Health, Debility, and the Limits of Black Emancipation