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26 Oxford Scholarship Online E-books

Northwestern University Libraries now has access to the following Oxford Scholarship Online e-books. Access through the Library’s catalog NUsearch or the publisher’s website. Purchased through the BTAA E-book Pilot Program.

Palaeohispanic languages and epigraphies


Roman Republican augury: freedom and control

Alexander the Great from Britain to Southeast Asia: peripheral empires in the global renaissance

The kingdom of Priam: Lesbos and the Troad between Anatolia and the Aegean

Fly until you die: an oral history of Hmong pilots in the Vietnam War

Storm of the sea: Indians and empires in the Atlantic’s age of sail


Democracy and political culture: studies in modern British history

At the edge of reformation: Iberia before the Black Death

Voices of Guinness: an oral history of the Park Royal Brewery

After the vote: feminist politics in La Guardia’s New York

God and progress: religion and history in British intellectual culture, 1845-1914

The struggle of my life: autobiography of Swami Sahajanand Saraswati

What Graeco-Roman grammar was about

Categoriality in language change: the case of the English gerund

Spatiality and subjecthood in Mallarmé, Apollinaire, Maeterlinck, and Jarry: between page and stage

Unwritten poetry: song, performance, and media in early modern England

Descartes’s fictions: reading philosophy with poetics

Disaffected parties: political estrangement and the making of English literature, 1760-1830

Slavery and the making of early American libraries: British literature, political thought, and the transatlantic book trade, 1731-1814

Modernist fraud: hoax, parody, deception

Shelleyan reimaginings and influence: new relations

More time: contemporary short stories and late style

James Joyce’s America

Becoming creative: insights from musicians in a diverse world