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The dialogue seminar series for professional development training addresses various topics pertinent to the Black professional experience.  While being facilitated by an executive coach, these sessions create a safe space for members to talk about the topics they care about. These 90 minutes dialogue session or a series of sessions, allow members to discuss topics by exploring and building on shared experiences. These sessions are free to all BPN members.


Recent Effective Communication Topics


The Power of Asking for Help

Author Ellen Burton leads a discussion to allow you to examine the beliefs and behaviors related to asking for help. We all want to produce better results but often we overlook one of the simplest and most difficult collaboration tools available.


Managing Expectations on People of Color in the Workplace

Walter J. Crawford, an executive and leadership coach, located in the Washington, DC metro area, facilitates a session for BPN Male members only. BPN male members had a conversation with facilitator Walter Crawford and Northwestern staff members Travis Martin & Michael D. Hill.


Career Management

Members engage in a session with Ellen Burton about managing their career and identifying that one has more power than they think. The session included group coaching for clarity, then participants get to make vision boards! At the conclusion professionals committed to several suggested actions that they will do to make their career look and feel like what they desire.


Succeeding in the Midst of Change

Author Ellen Burton leads a discussion of succeeding in our career by adapting and balancing at work.


Workplace Civility

Author Ellen Burton defines workplace civility by including respect, kindness and trust in the workplace. She leads the conversation by discussing that by choosing to make a slight culture shift to include the living value of respect and tolerance; And by outlining clear expectations supported by policy, executive coaching and facilitated learning from the hiring process to the leaving process