Radhika Raturi Reflects on MSL Program Day of Public Service

During the Fall 2 session, I had the amazing opportunity to coordinate a Day of Public Service, as part of the MSL Student Governance Committee. I volunteered with my MSL peers to give back to our local community by creating festive cards, compiling bags of toiletries, and knitting scarves.

While working on a public service initiative to give back to people in need has its own fulfillment, I was privileged to also experience a greater sense of achievement in bringing together my MSL peers to accomplish this work. I remember a moment, when I looked around at all the familiar faces working together on a Saturday morning to the chime of holiday music and I realized the beauty of bringing people together to give back to our community, and the added benefit of all of us of enjoying each other’s company outside of the classroom environment.

Working with a group of driven individuals as part of the Student Governance committee has been an amazing experience. We are all united towards making our year-long experience at this school one that we will remember long after the program ends. It is truly fun to work with a group of energetic and like-minded individuals – the jokes, laughs, and initiatives make the environment extremely positive and enjoyable!

This project made me more aware of how thankful I am to be an MSL student and to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful new people and make lifelong connections. Before I came to the MSL program, I could have never dreamed of having such wonderful classmates!

Radhika Raturi

Master of Science in Law 2020

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