MSL Student Leaders: Kyle Pikula

Our third MSL Student Leader of the series is Kyle Pikula! Interested in learning about other student leadership opportunities at the Law School? Check out our features of Denise Reynish and Dylan Sacenti!


Kyle Pikula

Student Organizations that you represent:

Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) and Restructuring and Bankruptcy Law Group (RBLG)

Why did you get involved with these student organizations?

I intend to pursue a career in intellectual property law after graduation so I got involved with IPLS because I wanted to expose myself to as many IP related resources as possible during the incredibly short 9 months we have in the MSL program. Regarding RBLG, I worked as a Bankruptcy consultant before my time as an MSL student so I wanted to bring my background and industry insight to the organization board.

What is your role within each organization?

In IPLS and RBLG I serve as the MSL board representative. I serve both groups in a similar capacity, advocating for MSL student interests during planning and execution of organization events and decisions.

What has been your favorite part of being involved with these organizations?

My favorite part of being involved in both organizations is the time I am able to spend working with so many talented members of the Law School. From JD students to seasoned attorneys, I have met dozens of individuals that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to work with.

Do you have any interesting/exciting upcoming events?

IPLS has two more events this school year specifically for MSL students that are interested in learning about how to leverage their science backgrounds to pursue a career in IP.

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