MSL Student Leaders: Dylan Sacenti

In the MSL Student Leaders series, we’re giving you an inside look at student leadership opportunities during the program! Our second featured student leader is Dylan Sacenti. Dylan is involved with multiple student organizations at Northwestern Law, so stay tuned for more from Dylan!


Dylan Sacenti

Student Organization that you represent:

MSL Student Governance

Why did you get involved with this student organization?

I decided to join this organization upon coming to Northwestern for a multitude of reasons. This Governance Board is designed to allow students a seat at the table with the MSL administration as a mean of advocating for students and expressing any concerns that may arise in student life. Representation is a vital part of any successful group and this organization allows a great opportunity to bring change on an institutional level.

What is your role within the organization?

I am a representative.

What has been your favorite part of being involved with this organization?

My favorite thing about being a part of this organization is seeing the change discussed in our meetings being enacted upon by the admin and students alike. We have discussed topics ranging from curriculum and course-wide policies to creating events to facilitate growth in the MSL community, seeing these changes and events materialize has been very exciting.

Do you have any interesting/exciting upcoming events?

We have two major events coming up. One is an ongoing service project, knitting scarves for the Inspiration Corporation, an organization that helps people who are affected by homelessness and poverty to improve their lives and increase self-sufficiency through the provision of social services, employment training and placement, and housing. The second event is going to be a research symposium to showcase major coursework and projects completed within the MSL that each highlight the bridging of the Business, STEM, and Law fields. It will be held on May 10th at the Law School.

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