MSL Student Leaders: Denise Reynish

During their time in the program, many MSL students get involved with one or more of the many student organizations at Northwestern Law. In this series, we’re going to give you an inside look at student leadership opportunities at the Law School during their time in the MSL program!


Denise Reynish

Student Organization that you represent:

Graduating Class Gift Committee

Why did you get involved with the Class Gift Committee?

I was presented with the opportunity to apply, and after doing some research, I was excited to participate in an organization that is able to give back to meaningful departments within the University.

What is your role on the committee?

My role involves acting as a MSL representative for the committee. In this position I act as a liaison between the MSL student body and the rest of the Law School graduating class. I am tasked with working in conjunction with other committee members to organize and facilitate initiatives within our program to reach certain donation goals and encourage collaboration with Northwestern alumni. Additionally, representatives of the Gift Committee promote participation in the extensive alumni network both pre and post graduation.

What has been your favorite part of being involved with this organization?

Thus far, my favorite part of the committee has been working with students from various sectors of the Law School to accomplish a common goal. I have gotten to meet new people, learn about some of their memorable experiences over the last few years, and hear why they are passionate about Northwestern. Additionally, it has been eye-opening to gain a deeper understanding of the various scholarship and funding opportunities that rely heavily on donations to continue running. Recognizing the importance of projects such as “STAR” to financially assist low-income and public interest students, the Bluhm Legal Clinic, and MSL program development, has inspired me to play a larger role in the University network.

Have you had any exciting events this year?

On Thursday, February 28th, we hosted a kick-off party for the graduating class. The event was hosted by the Gift Committee and Dean Yuracko to celebrate generosity and donations to the NLaw community.

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