Admitted Students Day

Dean Rodriguez addresses Admitted Students

Admitted Students Day is an exciting chance for faculty and staff to meet the incoming cohort and to give them a sense of Law School life. Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting students and their families for a tour of campus, an informational session with staff, and a welcome from our outgoing dean, Dan Rodriguez.

“What we take very much to heart at Northwestern is that we have an admixture of degree programs and a diversity in the student body,” Dean Rodriguez said. He also touched on the utility of a Master of Science in Law degree today: “Lawyers are expected to understand technology, as technology has undergone these rapid, dynamic changes. At the same time, dealing with law and grappling with law is not the exclusive provenance of practicing lawyers.” This is where STEM professionals come in–and this is where your MSL education can help distinguish you within your field.

A panel of current MSL students

Admitted students also had a chance to ask questions of faculty and a panel of recent graduates of the Northwestern MSL program. Students asked everything from when they’d be registering for classes (during Orientation) to the MSL program’s relationship with the JD program.

Throughout the summer, we’ll continue to keep you updated about happenings around the MSL Program and the Law School!

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