Student Spotlight: Naomi

How do students and professionals decide to pursue an MSL degree? What background or experiences make a student a good fit for the program? We’re excited to shed some light on these questions–and many more–through Student Spotlights! Get to know our students and alumni and see why they decided the MSL program was right for them.

Name: Naomi

Hometown: Buena Park, CA

Degrees Earned: MSL ’17, BS in Bioengineering

Why did you decide to do Northwestern Law’s MSL Program? The curriculum was essential to my biomedical engineering degree. It was also a way to find out more about patent law.

What is your favorite thing about the MSL? I love how there are so many opportunities available to you here at the Chicago campus – whether it is within your new network of classmates and professors, or in the city.

What do you admire about your classmates? Everyone comes from a vivid and unique background of their own, and yet you can still find some students with similar interests and goals as you. If you are curious about the different career paths you might be considering, there are usually a few classmates that are very open with their own progress in the many pathways.

What is a fun fact about you? Just last year I was the Service Chair of a sorority and the part-time debate judge of a local high school. Here I have had the room to ‘step up my game’: I am now the MSL SERV representative and have the opportunity to work as a debate coach at the Evanston undergraduate campus.


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