A Home Away From Home

As the holiday season ends, I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge all of the wonderful people who have made Chicago and Northwestern University my home away from home.

MSL Student with Foster Family

Vishal with his generous foster family

Everyone knows that a home away from home would be incomplete without family, and that is why it is so wonderful that the Community Council for International Students has created a Foster Relative Program. CCIS paired me with Theresa and Bruno who have kept me warm in Chicago. And I mean this literally: they have actually bought me warm clothing to get me through the remaining months of the harsh winter. Not only have they always made me feel at home by giving me love, care, and support, but also they have given me the full Chicago experience: festivities, weekend outings, shopping, and the list goes on and on…Mom and dad, they don’t give me the chance to miss family!

Speaking of festivities, Dean Daniel Rodriguez and Director Leslie Oster have been the most considerate members of my new community. For Thanksgiving, they hosted a brunch for international students of the Law School with no immediate access to family. This gesture goes to show you how much we are cared for, even this far away from home!

MSL students at Thanksgiving Brunch

It would be remiss of me to forget to thank the MSL community–both the batch of presently enrolled candidates and the alumni–for always being there. It is because of their support that we have accomplished a number of projects, including this blog!

One of the things I like best about the MSL program is how friendly and approachable the administrative people are. They are always excited to nurture any new ideas and suggestions. The MSL blog is an outcome of such nurturing.

Formalities aside, I thank them ALL of my community for being my friends and making school something that I look forward to every day. As great as the program is, there is no denying the frigid temperatures in Chicago; my friends provide the extra motivation I need to get out of bed in the mornings.

Feeling lucky to have so many people to thank.



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