Finding Harmonic Connections in My DJ Music Library

|By Brian Cai| Overview DJing has been a passion of mine since college. As a fervent follower of electronic and hip-hop music, I love the process of discovering new tracks, mixing them into a cohesive DJ set, and, if I’m lucky, connecting with an audience through my musical interpretations. Throughout the years, I have observed

NASA JPL Magnetosphere Project

|By Greesham Simon, Rui Ju, Aditya Gudal, and Zach Zhu| I. Introduction  Human beings have accomplished countless milestones of exploring Earth and space. However, our knowledge about the Universe is still like a speck of dust. Have you ever wondered what causes the spectacular northern lights? Have you ever been curious about the invisible electrons

NFL Tendency Analysis and Basic Play Type Prediction

|By Parth Patel| Introduction: Motivation Growing up with an avid sports fan as a father, I’ve watched, played, and followed sports for as long as a I remember. In his younger years he worked as a civil engineer. As is often typical of children, I wanted to emulate my father, which led to developing a

Saving US from Opioid Addiction, one Machine Learning solution at a time

|By Saurabh Annadate & Tanya Tandon| This paper was written to record our experience as the 2nd place winners and recipients of a $15,000 reward in the 2019 Humana-Mays Healthcare Analytics Case Competition amongst 480 participating teams from across the US. COMPETITION DETAILS The 2019 Humana-Mays Healthcare Analytics Case Competition involved two levels of submissions

Student Loans: It’s Payback Time

| By Ted Carlson | This is an excerpt of an article I wrote for the MSiA research blog which aims to illustrate the extent of the student loan crisis through both written word and dynamic data visualizations. It was inspired by similar work that has been done at The Pudding, Bloomberg, The Upshot, and

Using Skills to Define and Measure Job Demand

|By JD Cook & Michael Fedell| INTRODUCTION This study began with a project in our Everything Starts with Data course (MSiA 400) which meant to cover a wide survey of important topics in data science. To gain practical experience, the class was divided into project groups and given some messy, real world data with a

Happy Baby to Goddess: Creativity in Yoga Sequencing with Markov Chains

|By Rachel Rosenberg| Introduction I started practicing yoga five years ago. I was tight from frequent running, living in Ohio and in need of a creative and active outlet. While I was initially drawn to the immediate endorphins from yoga, I stuck around for the variety of movement and continued challenge that it offered. I

Chocolate Chips and Fish Sauce: A Network Analysis and Visualization in Ingredient Pairings

|By Finn Qiao| Accompany visualization found at Introduction In 2014, a food truck emblazoned with “IBM Cognitive Cooking” arrived at South by Southwest ready to serve up algorithmically generated street fare. Along with IBM’s Jeopardy AI, they were the early applications that would help ease AI into the public sphere. The recipes from Cognitive

Personalized Restaurant Recommender System Using A Hybrid Approach

|By Lingjun (Ivan) Chen and Nuo (Nora) Xu| Problem Statement Nowadays, personalized recommendation systems are implemented by many online businesses, which try to identify user’s specific tastes then provide them with relevant products to enhance user’s experience. Users, in turn, would be able to enjoy the convenience of exploring what they potentially like with ease