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Weekly Staff Spotlight: Christine Munteanu, MSA Assistant Director

A picture of Christine

Every Friday, we will be highlighting a different MSA staff member, exploring what they are up to this summer.  This week’s feature is Christine Munteanu, MSA  assistant Director.

  1. What projects are you working on at MSA this summer? 
    Summer is a great time for reflection and intentional planning! This summer, I’ve been working to plan out programming for the year, including selecting books and dates for the APIDA Book of the Quarter program, planning out our InclusionNU Fund schedule, and doing research for a new APIDA 101 series. I’ve also been serving on the search committee for the MSA Assistant Director for LGBTQIA students, and have been working on coordinating workshops and outings for SAW 2019.
  2. What can students expect to see new at MSA in the fall?
    The MSA team held a retreat this summer where we drafted an internal mission statement and talked through our team expectations. I’m so grateful to work with such amazing colleagues, and I think students can expect to see a stronger team, including a new Assistant Director supporting the LGBTQIA community, committed to continued growth and collaboration and grounded in our mission and values.
  3. What has been taking up your free time over the summer? 
    I’ve been taking advantage of the slower pace by making sure to take care of myself and take my vacation time! I visited some high school friends living in London and Dublin, as well as my sister in The Hague, and traveled to Queretaro, Mexico for a friend’s wedding. I’ve also been working towards my goal of reading 36 books this year – I am getting ready to start book #27 and am always looking for recommendations!
  4. What has been your favorite part of the summer so far? 
    With most students being away for the summer, I’ve been able to focus more on building relationships and community with staff. I am the co-chair for the APIDA Staff Affinity Group, we recently had an outing to an APIDA LGBTQIA story-telling event and had the first meeting of our new board.
  5. What are you most looking forward to for the school year to come? 
    I’m excited to see and meet the new incoming class, and continuing to work towards building community within MSA and among APIDA students.

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