Biosignatures of the subsurface biosphere

How can we learn about the organisms that live underground based on the organic molecules and minerals that they make?

Lipid biomarker preservation in hypersaline lakes

How do salts help or hurt the preservation of lipids in the environment? We are working on some strange Canadian lakes to find out.

Paleoclimate of Greenland through lipids

This is a collaborative project with Yarrow Axford where we reconstruct paleoclimate of Greenland during the Holocene and beyond.

Carbonate Microbialites

How do they form in the modern and what environmental signatures do they preserve in the ancient?

Cultivating microbial dark matter

Using geochemical and genomic insights to cultivate classically uncultivable microorganisms.

Geobiology of extreme environments

Be it in a hot spring, a cave, or saline microbial mat, how do microbes adapt to, and change, their environments?