Latest and greatest from SURF at AbSciCon 2017

Osburn lab members will be presenting at AbSciCon in Mesa, AZ in April. Hope to see you there!

Establishment of the Deep Mine Microbial Observatory (DeMMO)

Osburn M. R., Casar C. P., Kruger B., Flynn T. M., Amend J. P

Tuesday, April 25 at 1:30pm in Arizona Ballroom D

Here we describe the establishment and preliminary results from the Deep Mine Microbial Observatory, a portal into the deep subsurface biosphere.

Borehole packer installation at DeMMO3



Cultivating the Deep Subsurface Microbiome

Casar C. P., Osburn M. R., Flynn T. M., Masterson A. L., Kruger B. R

Friday, April 28 at 3:00pm in Palo Verde

Field and lab cultivation techniques target deep subsurface fracture-associated biofilms and novel ferric oxide reducing microbes in a Mars analogue system.

SURF biofilm at DeMMO3 (SEM image taken at Northwestern NUANCE center)



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