Milan Mrksich


1989 – B.S. in Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

1989-94 – Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California

Research Experience and Positions 

Undergraduate Research Assistant with Professor Steven C. Zimmerman, University of Illinois (1987-89)

Graduate Research Assistant with Professor Peter B. Dervan, Caltech (1989-94)

Postdoctoral Fellow with Professor George M. Whitesides, Harvard University (1994-96)

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, The University of Chicago (1996-2000)

Associate Professor of Chemistry, The University of Chicago (2000-03)

Associate Director, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center at Northwestern (2001-15)

Professor of Chemistry, The University of Chicago (2003-11)

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (2005-13)

Henry Wade Rogers Professor, Northwestern University (2011-)

Departments of Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, and Cell & Molecular Biology

Associate Director for Technology, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center (2015-)

Director, Center for Synthetic Biology at Northwestern University (2016-)

Interim Vice President of Research, Northwestern University (2019-)


University of Illinois Marvel Undergraduate Research Award (1989); National Institutes of Health National Research Service Award (1990-93); Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Graduate Fellow (1993-94); American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow (1994-96); Searle Scholar Award (1996); Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award (1996); Sloan Research Fellow (2000); Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (2000); Sara Jane Rhoads and Rebecca Raulins Lecturer,  University of Wyoming (2000); TR100 Young Innovator Award (2002); R.C. Fuson Visiting Scholar,  University of Illinois (2002); ACS Arthur C. Cope Young Scholar Award (2003); Murtiashaw Lecture,  University of South Carolina (2007); Margaret Etter Lecture,  University of Minnesota (2008); Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (2012);Henry Werner Lecturer, University of Kansas (2016); Phi Lambda Epsilon Award Lecture, University of Nebraska (2016); iBIO iCON Innovator Award (2016). 

Service and Advisory Positions 

DARPA Defense Sciences Research Council  (1996-; 2006-08,  Chair); Editorial Board of Langmuir (1997-2012);Scientific Advisory Board of Cellomics (1998-2000); Scientific Advisory Board of ChemoCentryx (1997-2007); Scientific Advisory Board of Surface Logix (1999-2005); Editorial Board of E-Biomed: The Journal of Regenerative Medicine (2000-); WTEC Panel for International Evaluation of Tissue Engineering Programs (2000); Chair for NIH/BECON Symposium on Biosensors (2001); National Institutes of Health BECM Study Section  (2002-07, Chair); International Panel for Review of Materials Research in United Kingdom (2002); WTEC Panel for International Evaluation of Biosensor Programs (2002); Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative, Inc. (2002-05); Board of Governors for Argonne National Laboratory (2002-08); Scientific Advisory Board of Helicos (2003-08); Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience (2004-); Editorial Board of Chemistry & Biology (2004-); Editorial Board of Chemical Society Reviews (2004-07); Advisory Board of the Searle Scholars Program (2004-09, Chair); Founder and Scientific Advisory Board of WMR Biomedical, Inc. (2005-10); Scientific Advisory Board of NanoInk, Inc. (2007-11); Editorial Advisory Board of Small (2008-); Editorial Board of Disruptive Science and Technology (2011-); Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAMDI Tech, Inc. (2011-); National Institutes of Health Tr01 Study Section  (2010-14, Chair); Advisory Professor, Institute of Chemical Biology and Nanomedicine, Hunan University, China (2014-); Visiting Professor, Institute for Nanomedicine at NTU, Singapore (2015-); Editorial Advisory Board of ACS Chemical Biology (2016-); External Advisory Board for the Cancer Center at the University of Illinois (2017-); Advisory Board for the NewCores Accelerator Program (2017-); Scientific Advisor for SLAS Technology(2018-); External Advisory Board for the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the City of Hope (2018-).