Welcome to the Mrksich Group 

The Mrksich Group uses the tools of organic chemistry, materials science and biochemistry to develop new approaches to studying and controlling molecular function. Specific programs emphasize the development of methods to perform high throughput experiments, to understand how spatio-temporal organization of reactants can dramatically alter the kinetics and products of reactions, and to develop megamolecules that have molecular weights in excess of a million Daltons, yet are structurally perfectly defined.  Much of our research pairs the development of these approaches with their application to important problems in Chemistry and Biology.


Left to Right (Standing) Jeffrey, Liang, Sraeyes, Kazi, Azmain, Patrick, Dan, Alexei, Jose-Marc, Milan, Justin, Blaise, Yubai. Left to Right (Sitting) Tsatsral, Juliet, Lindsey, Rebecca, Yael, Sarah W, Elamar, Sarah A, Eric.