The mission of the Preclinical Imaging Consortium, PIC, is to create a meeting place where knowledge of operating preclinical imaging facilities is shared openly.

The vision is to improve the operational and technical procedures conducted in preclinical imaging facilities in order to advance research. The PIC provides a unique platform to stimulate discussion among the preclinical imaging community, including facility directors, managers, technicians and industry partners throughout the United States, and to some extent, the world. At its basic level, the PIC answers questions related to imaging equipment inventory at each facility. On a deeper level, the PIC provides new and improved perspectives built on shared challenges and successes related to troubleshooting, maintaining, billing, scheduling, best practices, etc. for each modality, which are essential components to running a productive imaging facility. Additionally, the PIC plays a vital role in strengthening the relationship with industry partners by creating open and honest dialogue.

The 5th annual PIC at Northwestern University is on the horizon. After the refinement of each preceding PIC, this meeting has gained momentum and has become a critical nexus of preclinical imaging professionals, from both academia and industry.

PIC 2019 Steering Committee:

Alex Waters Northwestern University
Chad Haney Northwestern University
Charles Manning Vanderbilt University
Chin K Ng University of Louisville
Erik Shapiro Michigan State University
Jenny Yang Georgia State University
Justin Jeffery University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kah Whye Peng Mayo Clinic
Kooresh Shoghi Washington University in St. Louis
Lara Leoni University of Chicago
MD Pagel University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Michael Nickels Vanderbilt University
Mo Farhoud Emit Imaging
Paul Territo IUPUI