Getting to Evanston

Questions? or 1-847-467-1338

Airport Choice

We recommend O’Hare International Airport for its convenience to Evanston. You are welcome to fly into Midway Airport, but it is about 15 minutes farther away from Evanston than O’Hare.


American Taxi | 847-255-9600
From the airport (O’Hare or Midway) call 847-255-9600 as soon as you deplane. The company will text you with your taxi number. (Please only take that taxi.) Taxis are waiting in a nearby lot and will proceed to the terminal to meet you for pick-up.

Please ask for the flat rate to Evanston.

O’Hare to Evanston ~ 35 minutes (double during rush hour)
Midway to Evanston ~ 50 minutes (double during rush hour)


If you prefer to use a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, please look for signs for the designated “Rideshare Pick-up” zone for your terminal.

Public Transit

Chicago Transit Authority
O’Hare to Evanston ~ 1.5 hours: Blue Line to Purple Line
Midway to Evanston ~ 1.5 hours: Orange Line to Purple Line

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