Liren Shan [单立人]

Ph.D. Student
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Northwestern University

I am currently a second-year Ph.D. student in Theory Group at Northwestern University, advised by Prof. Konstantin Makarychev. Before that, I did my undergraduate studies at Fudan University, where I did research with Prof. Zhongzhi Zhang.

Research Interest

I have a broad interest in various aspects of theoretical computer science and mathematics. My current research focuses on graph theory and approximation algorithms.


Stochastic Linear Optimization with Adversarial Corruption. working paper.[Yingkai Li, Edmund Y. Lou, Liren Shan]

Current Flow Group Closeness Centrality for Complex Networks.  WWW2019. [Huan Li, Richard Peng, Liren Shan, Yuhao Yi, Zhongzhi Zhang]

Improving information centrality of a node in complex networks by adding edges. IJCAI2018. [Liren Shan, Yuhao Yi, Zhongzhi Zhang]

Biharmonic Distance Related Centrality for Edges in Weighted Networks. IJCAI2018. [Yuhao Yi, Liren Shan, Huan Li, Zhongzhi Zhang]

Independence number and the number of maximum independent sets in pseudofractal scale-free web and Sierpiński gasket. TCS. [Liren Shan, Huan Li, Zhongzhi Zhang]

Domination number and minimum dominating sets in pseudofractal scale-free web and Sierpiński graph. TCS. [Liren Shan, Huan Li, Zhongzhi Zhang]

Robustness of First- and Second-Order Consensus Algorithms for a Noisy Scale-Free Small-World Koch Network. TCST. [Yuhao Yi, Zhongzhi Zhang, Liren Shan, Guanrong Chen]