Things I have tried to wind down in grad school in Evanston

In line with more and more conversations about self-care in grad school, I decided to write down some of my failed and successful attempts in taking care of myself while getting through a phd program (listed in chronological order).

  1. Exercising – my favorite options are running along Lake Michigan IN SUMMER, swimming, and kickboxing.
  2. Painting – Evanston Art Center offers great classes from beginner level to advanced. Highly recommend.
  3. Hanging out with animals – Evanston Animal Shelter has a community of volunteers who care about surrendered or stray dogs and cats dearly. Adopt, don’t shop.
  4. Winter sports – Wisconsin has a few spots for skiing/snowboarding. They are on tiny rolling hills so probably not exciting for pros, but enough for me! I *think* Alpine Valley is the one most close to pro level, which is 1h30min away from Evanston.
  5. Summer sports – kayaking. There is a sailing center on campus, open Monday to Sunday. It is a bit pricey compared with other places, but the waves are fun. I have been planning to go to Skokie Lagoon so I can enjoy different scenery…
  6. Binge watching TV shows, obviously
  7. to be continued…

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