I am pleased to report that the last members of the Lewis Research Group departed for excellent independent positions earlier this year and that our lab was officially closed in June 2017. The timing of its closing was of my own choosing. While I have now officially retired both from teaching and directing a research laboratory, I will continue to be involved in the intellectual life of my department and the research fields in which I have worked – so long as doing so remains intellectually stimulating. Retirement brings to a satisfying conclusion 48 years of research with a terrific group of undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting faculty (see people).

A large number of group alumni attended a reunion held in 2013 on the occasion of my 70th birthday (see photos). The four years since that event have allowed the group to finish the major objectives of our recent research projects (see research). By the numbers, our group was responsible for over 300 publications in leading scientific journals (see publications).  They were also responsible for the several awards that I have received near the end of my career. They have gone on to productive careers in science, medicine, law, government service and other fields. I am proud of their accomplishments and look forward to continued interactions with them during the coming years.

In addition to the members of my own research group I wish to acknowledge the many rewarding collaborations I have enjoyed with colleagues both at Northwestern and in the international scientific community.  Special mention should be made of the group of my colleague Michael Wasielewski with whom we have investigated the dynamics of charge transport in DNA for over two decades.

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