MEW 11: St Louis University

September 15 and 16, 2017

Organizer: John Greco

Keynote Speaker: Katalin Farkas (Central European University),  Tim Crane (Central European University)

Plenary Speakers:

Kathryn Lindeman (Saint Louis University)

Jon Kvanvig (Washington University in St. Louis)

Bruce Russell (Wayne State)

Stephen Biggs (Iowa State)

Julianne Chung (Louisville)

Accommodations: One good choice near Saint Louis University is Hotel Ignacio, which is one of the nicest hotels in the city.  That is where our speakers will be housed. More affordable options include the Pear Tree Inn Near Union Station, the Residence Inn and the Lincoln Hotel.

You can follow this link to Saint Louis University’s website for this event.  Additional information will also be posted here as it becomes available. Check back soon!