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Working papers

Organizing Collective Action: Labor Strife in the U.S. in the 1880s (download)

The Task Content of Occupations — with F. Kramarz and A. Maitre

Discussion Paper 12006, IZA, 2018
Discussion Paper 2018-16, CREST, 2018

Distributional Impact Analysis: Toolkit and Illustrations of Impacts beyond the Average Treatment Effect — with G. Bedoya Arguelles, J.M.V. Davis and N.K. Mittag

Discussion Paper 11863, IZA, 2018
Policy Research Working Paper 8139, World Bank, 2017


bscr.ado (bootstrap simultaneous confidence regions in Stata)
dte.ado (distributional treatment effects in Stata)
Microeconometrics.jl (econometrics in Julia)