Mysticism as Deviant Religion

Case Name: Selong District Court Criminal Case of Amaq Bakri

Case Synopsis: In May 2010, a District Court in Selong, Indonesia, charged Amaq Bakri with the offense of “insulting a religion.” Amaq Bakri, a 70-year old Muslim farmer from East Lombok, had claimed to have received revelations from the Angel Gabriel and to have visited heaven on several occasions. The court sentenced Amaq Bakri to one year in prison. This case module originated in the work of Kari Telle.

Image of bird cages in Indonesia, courtesy of Kari Telle


Fatwa (Islamic Legal Opinion)

Surat Keputusan Fatwa Dewan Pimpinan Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Kabupaten Lombok Timur, No. 11/DPK/


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